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Born and raised in Texas, with most of my life spent in the rural county of San Saba. Growing up here has been more like living in a very large neighborhood where everyone knows each other. I am not a cowboy but I am a full blood country boy. Hunting, fishing, dirt road trips, chasing armadillos, river swimming, camping, varmint hunting, Friday night football and country and western dancing. Those are highlights of my youth along with trying to impress girls. I finally impressed one enough to make her my highschool sweetheart and later my wife.


Becoming parents as teenagers was never plan A. I dropped out of college to better support my wife and two kids (at that time). I had two years of college behind me and lots of challenges in front of me. We both worked in my family’s printing business and managed to make ends meet for the next four years. In hopes of bettering our lives, we made the commitment to complete my college education on a part time basis. So after our third child, and ten years after graduating high school, I managed to graduate with honors from Howard Payne University with a business degree and minor in health care administration. I became a licensed nursing home administrator for the next twelve years.


I ran four successful nursing homes during those twelve years but, ultimately, I burned out. I decided to get my real estate license and then took a “leap of faith” by opening up a restaurant with a business partner – my goal was to spend more time doing real estate once the restaurant was established. It turned out the restaurant was successful, but my real estate business wasn’t – I discovered that success in real estate required my full commitment. After eventually burning out with the restaurant, I sold my half of ownership, got my real estate broker’s license and took my next “leap of faith” as a full time Realtor.


My decision to focus on real estate proved successful; year after year, my business grew. In addition to real estate, my wife and I were fully committed to youth ministry. However, while taking a group of kids to summer camp, my wife of thirty years died in a tragic automobile accident. I chose to step back from ministry and begin piecing together a new life that came with lots of changes.


A few years later, I ended up re-marrying and I received two wonderful step children. We now have six grandchildren, serve in the youth ministry, and are building a new home out of a Grain Silo on our property in the country. I serve all types of real estate needs but I have a love of land and rural culture in high esteem so I specialize in helping people buy and sell land in Central Texas. It would be my honor and privilege to serve your real estate needs.

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